3 thoughts on “13”

  1. Watch out! William two feather is in Dubai right now. Conning people, claiming he is a healer and charging $1500 for a one hour healing session. He dresses in full Native American attire so is easy to spot. Thought it was my duty to warn people of this person if all the above posts are true. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  2. Acho que cada decisão/ação acarreta em N reações e vcs meninas sabem disso…acho que o segredo esta em achar o ponto…nem forte nem fraco….nem ter uma agenda abarrotada de Fuck-Friends, mas tb não precisa ser uma beata… bom, pelomenos assim eu imagino…rs!beijos jack Ps:O layout ficou irado, ta de parabens!

  3. Hannah;Thanks lovely friend, i always like my silent readers!but its great when they write any comment, so i can visit you! Love from Pakistan!Living beauty;Thanks beauty Ambreen;so sweet of you hoeGa!Syra.H;nlad to know this honey! its among my favorite color Plateful;I will try to make tutorial as soon as possible !! i must now!!Bahar;Thanks my dear..BYDG;hey lovely, thanks for admiring my newest belt!!i must give it a try for sharing tutorial but wait please! my work always depends on time availability!!

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