Sea Otter Classic coming up fast (April 10th-13th)

A couple of the guys are headed down to Monterey, California for the Sea Otter classic here in a month. You can race xc, enduro, downhill, and dual slalom; along with a nice size bike expo. Now is the time to start thinking about plans to head down and race! (Late registration starts march 24th, and is a $20 markup) for more info on scheduling and prices, go to their website at…

If you have any question I (Austin Rauh) will be one of your captains this year for the team, you can get ahold of me at
(775) 335-5968 (text or call)
or email:

or contact Matt or Curtis!
I know I will be headed down for sure, and it would be cool to see more DH Reno guys down there!