Sunday June 30th marked Northstar’s first downhill race of the season.  The Cat 2 & 3 riders stared down speed control, pedaled their way down the fire road to Pho Dog, then back over to the Daytona berms to finish right next to the Vista lift. Cat 1 and Pro stared down middle Dogbone, sprinted their way down to Pho Dog and also pedaled back over to Daytona to the finish.  The weather was a tad on the hot side, clocking in at 93 at the main lodge but that didn’t stop us from having a great day.

Northstar has hooked up with to bring you live race results as they are posted, so follow along at home or at the races on your PC or smartphone.  It is an awesome new feature and i think it will be an amazing tool for keeping up with results in real time.  Now on to the pictures!!!

Kyle Townsend sends it on Pho Dog, he decided he was going straight to Cat 1 and with a time of 3:39 that put him in 20th.

Jesse Tuhy gets a little tail heavy as he sends the rock pile on Pho Dog. Jesse entered Cat 2 for this race and put down a hot lap of 3:19 Which landed him in 6th.  That’s a top ten finish in his first Northstar race!!

Here we have Austin Rauh roosting a berm right before the rock pile on Pho Dog.  Austin rolled Cat 1 with a time of 3:47 landing him in 22nd.

Jarrod Hoyt mobbs the alt line around the rock pile looking solid as he lays on the pedals.  This is Jarrod’s first MTB race ever!  He stepped up and called out the Cat 2 class and posted a time of 4:34 placing 24th.  His run didn’t go as planned, blowing over a few berms and missing a few lines but he kept the rubber side down and is ready for the next race!

Calvin Smith keeping it low and fast over the rock pile.  A few bobbles here and there but over all a clean run and keeping the rubber side down he rolled in a 3:42 in Cat 3, which put him in 10th place.  Another top 10 for Dhreno!!!

Weston Minnick come trucking out of a berm on Pho Dog.  Weston had a minor leg cramp while sprinting his way down the fire road but managed to keep the pace steady as he put down a 3:37 in Cat 3 Pushing him up to 6th palce!!!  Thats 3 top 10 finishes for those keeping count at home.

Now here is a rare specimen, rarely seen in its native habitat due to its blistering speed, one may not be able to see the mighty black and orange winged  Evyn-hawk!  Evyn send this one deep with a little steeze thrown in the mix for good measure.  And a good measure it was indeed as Evyn powered his way down the Cat 3 course clocking a smoking time of 3:29, taking the bronze with 3rd Place!!!

Great Job Evyn!!

Not Pictured, but Evan Harris rode the Cat 2 class into 13th with a 3:26. Was also up at Northstar shooting that day and i believe he may post some of the race pictures there, so please check out his site when you get a chance.

Also a huge high five goes out to the guys over at Black Rock Bicycles for helping out with race prepping the bikes, check them out for anything and everything you need in DH.

Thanks to every one who showed up, see you guys next weekend for the Northstar Downhill Race #2 – Boondocks, All Classes.

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