Curtis and Matt take on the brutal Expert course at Southridge on the weekend of 3/29 – 3/31.  Click on all pictures for a full size and continue reading on for the full report!!!

The weekend started off with a hint of fear.  The course was to say the least, gnarly.  The course claimed many a rider during the weekend and also its fair share of bikes.

Here we have Matt checking out the faster line down the hill…

Matt Ended up finishing 14th in Downhill


Ryan Thyme taking on the Downhill course keeping the rubber side down all the way to 9th place.

Ryan Thyme also took on the Super D course with a vengeance.

And placed 3rd!

Curtis Also took on the downhill and managed to make it down in one piece in his race run and placed 13th.

Curtis was so damn fast the cameras couldn’t catch him on the Super D.


First ever pump track race was held at Southridge at the ProGRT

Matt takes 4th!

All in all it was a great trip, next year will be a blast!

650B AKA 27.5 DH bikes were making an appearence on the mountain.

Kevin Aiello’s KHS

Andrew on his 951 27.5

Mitch Ropelato wins in on a 29er!!

And now for more of the best carnage pics we came up with. Enjoy!