Kenda Nexcavator SCT K tire, 26 x 2.35″ DTC review

852 grams    $59.99

The first things I noticed when installing these tires were solid sidewalls, aggressive knobs and wide spacing between the knobs. At first I was concerned about the rolling speed of the tires with the tall knobs but the flat center knobs allowed the tires to roll much faster than expected. When I leaned the tires over in the turns the knobs seemed to dig hard into the ground and provide excellent traction and control in the turns. The stiff sidewalls kept the tire from bending over and creating the flexi fell that some tires do. The wide spacing between the knobs allowed the tires to shed the mud very well which helped when navigating through wet roots and rocks.

kenda nexcavator review

On the negative side they might be a little low in volume for a true all mountain tire and feel a little rough when taking hard square edge hits. A 2.5 Nexcavator in the front may take care of this.

kneda nexcavator review 2

Overall the tire felt great and would cover most all mountain conditions for any rider. The most notable plus about the tire is how well it holds traction in the turns, and when traction broke loose it was a controlled slide rather than the grip giving out completely. -Ryan