Huge congratulations to Don Morehouse and John Hurley for taking home 2nd and 3rd Place medals in the Cat 1 Super D.

John Hurley ended up with rear flat at the very end of the Super D race on Saturday and sprinted the last little bit to make it into third!  Don Morehouse flatted both front and rear during practice showing how truly treacherous Bootleg’s rocks can be.

Flats were the name of the game at Bootleg, as it seems they are every year.  DhReno walked away with a combined 8 flats through out the weekend, And that’s just for 3 riders!

This years DH course started with Armageddon at the top then ended with Reaper at the bottom.  Over all a very fun but technical course up top with a super high speed lower section.   The wind was not cooperating with us during practice gusting over the ridge tops at 30 MPH which made for a very sketchy ride.

Sunday the wind seemed to die down just enough to not try and kill you when approaching mach 5 in the bottom section of the trail.  The course was just as fast as the day before but the ruts we bigger and the braking bumps were worse making the run very rough and taxing on the arms.

Luckily we all kept the rubber side down, for the most part, and in Cat 2 Matt Robison posted a 5:07 and came in 6th, Cat 1. Don Morehouse came in 10th with time of 5:15 and also in Cat1, John Hurley came in 6th after a small bobble with a time of 5:01 making him the fastest DhReno rider of the day.

We had a small booth for rider support and sales in the tech/expo area where we hung out most of the time.  I cant tell you how nice it was having a spot so close to the shuttle.

Huge Thanks goes out to DownHill Mike for putting this event together.  We always have a great time and hope to make it back next year!