“Our beloved trails in Downieville have taken a beating this winter and spring. There is an incredible amount of deadfall covering the trail and the tread is damaged in several locations due to the huge runoff. We need your help with trail maintenance to get these trails in tip-top shape for the upcoming Downieville Classic and trail season.”

Taken June 18th, 2011

Our Trail Crew will be working on Butcher Ranch, Pauley Creek and Big Boulder Trails right up to the event date (July 8-10). So please let us know if you can make it, we need all the help we can get.

When: We will have trail crews going out every day between now and July 8th. All are welcome and appreciated, including groups!

Where to meet: YUBA Expeditions bike shop at 208 Main Street, Downieville. (530) 289 3010.

What time to meet: 8:00am. If you can’t make it by 8:00, we will have tools stashed and you can either ride or walk into the work site. Stop in at the shop to pack a lunch, get a map and receive work details before you head out on the trail to join a work detail.

SBTS Crew leaders: Marc Cosbey, Erik Johnson, Henry O’Donnell, Ron Heard

We provide: All meals, tools and accommodations. The Downieville River Inn, Riverside Inn, and Carriage House Inn are all contributing to this program. Rooms are donated, so no maid service, and please bring your own towels. We will also secure camping near town for those wanting to sleep under the stars.

You bring: gloves, backpack, work shoes/boots, and a towel for showering.

Work locations include: Butcher Ranch Trail, Pauley Creek Trail, Big Boulder Trail, Third and First Divide Trails.

Work focus: drainage construction, tread repair, deadfall removal and snow removal. If anyone has a snow blower or snow removal equipment, we could use it!

To RSVP: call Wayno at the YUBA shop (530) 289 3010. Or in the evening you can catch him at (530) 289-2766. Wayno will verify your accommodations, meals and beverages.

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