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Curtis tests the new Intense M9 at Bootleg Canyon during Interbike 2010.

I was given the opportunity to test ride the new 2011 Intense M9 and the bike rode 10 times better than I expected!  This bike flew through the biggest, gnarliest rocks without any effort.  The M9 was a large, equipped with a FOX RC4 rear shock, a Rock Shox Boxxer team fork, avid eight inch brakes, and a SRAM build kit.  The initial feedback from the ride was,” this is a fast bike”. The Intense m9 felt a bit longer than the Intense M6 and M3.  It also felt like the bottom bracket was higher, which will improve pedaling clearance. The M9 has a huge amount of adjustments.  Headtube angle*, travel from 8.5”, 9.0”,9.5”, Adjustable wheelbase from 47.5 to 48.5 inches, and chain stay length from 17.25 to 17.75 inches, and adjustable shock progression.

The new 2011 Intense M9 FRO will be offered with a Cane Creek Double Barrel shock and the new Angleset Headset.  The Angleset will be able to adjust the head tube from 62.5 to 65.5, so that you can play with the angle depending on the courses.  This will give the rider the ability to lower the front end, but still have the slack head tube angle.  The M9 frame is built with an upper pinch bolt that will allow for easy changes to the head tube angle.

Intense has also decided to include the Cane Creek Double Barrel shock in the price, originally they published the CCDB would be an extra $200 dollars.  The rumor is that there was such an outcry for the CCDB, the decision was made to make it the stock shock.  Anyone that has one of these shocks understands why.  The dual valving in the CCDB is far superior to any other shock on the market today.  When set-up correctly, this shock keeps the Intense M9 on the ground even through the roughest rock gardens.  The dual rebound will keep the pedaling efficient, and will never “buck” the rider off the bike.  The advertised frame weight is 11 pounds with the CCDB and steel spring.

The verdict: If you want a downhill bike that will make you ride faster, buy this bike!  If you want a downhill bike that is fully adjustable to your needs, buy this bike.  If you want a downhill bike that will handle anything you throw at it, buy this bike.  If you want a company that will stand behind their product, buy this bike.  If you want a superior downhill frame, made in the USA, buy this bike!!

Note: Curtis was so impressed with the M9 that he has one on order from Black Rock Bicycles 775.972.3336

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*  Update: 10/28/10 Formula One Special edition (not for resale)

Check out the new Intense Cycles website!