Hello Everyone,

Christian competed successfully at the USA Mountain Bike Nationals and took an 8th in his catagory…three days of riding after being out for two months and knee surgery recovery! He really handeled himself well, and managed his speed to avoid be injured again.

He left to race for the USA at the World Cup in Champere Switzerland on Monday. Unfortunatly, in a practice run, his back brake froze when he landed a big jump and threw him off of his bike. He was air lifted to the closest hospital and then air lifted again in extremly critical condition. He had ruptured his spleen and kidney, and was suffereing severe internal bleeding.

Clark just got to Switzerland one hour ago and is with him. Five minute visitations only. He is in ICU/Critical Care for a minimum of five days. He had surgery yesterday to attempt to stop the bleeding. He is very tierd and sleeps a lot. It is great to have Clark there.

I will let you know how things are going as they progress. CT Scan tomorrow which will give more information. He had been unconscious for quite some time and was actually lifted off of the hill on a board and rope….

We appreciate your prayers for Christian. He is strong…and loves to mountain bike. That will keep him going!

I will send another update soon.

Lots of love,

Karen Wright