Squaw Valley, California USA * Saturday July 10th, 2010

Last Saturday dhReno riders got to ride the new bike park at Squaw Valley! Check out the photos and report below:

dhReno riders rail the awesome new trails at the Squaw Valley Bike Park.

Don’t miss the opening of the new mountain bike park on Friday July 16th, 2010. See Squaw.com for more info.

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S Q U A W   V A L L E Y   B I K E   P A R K

So dhReno riders Brandon, Davey, and Matt sessioned down the main trail system while Curt and I hiked down and took photos. Jim “Hacksaw” Severt,  the mountain’s trail manager, told us a little about his work so far this summer. He was hired in January to start the arduous task of creating a mountain bike trail system down Squaw Valley and to start a full mountain bike park for the summers to come. He and his crew were given strict guidelines to follow, like they could only work off of existing trails on the mountain.

“Thunder Mountain” is one of the main trails. The name pays tribute to when Walt Disney went to Squaw Valley and was inspired to name the famous roller coaster after it. We sessioned the “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time) – the top of which was reminiscent of the old “Tahoe Hopper” race from the late 90’s. As the trail snaked down rock outcroppings, rock berms, and gritty turns, it turned into a different terrain. The middle was fast single track that snaked down into the trees, over bridges and through rocky stunts. Hacksaw’s plans for the GOAT include many side chute singletracks, so the trail system is going to be awesome – something a mountain goat would enjoy!

Matt Robison rails one of the many excellent berms that Hacksaw is famous for building.

Hacksaw negotiates a fun little Sierra granite face.

Squaw Valley already has many existing trails like the “Western States Trail”, which is a singletrack that will eventually be tied into the GOAT. Everything that Hacksaw and his crew have accomplished so far is totally impressive! You can sure tell the sheer amount of grunt, hard work that has been accomplished so far and the momentum is only growing stronger.

Brandon Tirri – good thing his bars aren’t any wider.

dhReno trail testers: Brandon Tirri, Matt Robison and David Robison.

This mountain is geared up for epic downhill riding. There are even plans in the works for a race series to stop at Squaw next year.  Squaw Valley’s world renowned Cable Car carries you up 2000′ vertical feet to the High Camp el.8200′ and it’s a good 10-15 minutes of action packed riding down, depending on which trail you choose.  The views are absolutely breath taking to say the least. We give huge kudos to Hacksaw and his crew for all the mega  hard work that they put in and for making the sport more accessible to everyone from beginners to advanced double black diamond riders.  Photos and text by Bernadette Mcelroy-Opperman.

The Trail Boss – Jim “Hacksaw” Severt

See you on the Mountain this summer!

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M O R E    I N F O

  • Squaw.com for details on hours, rentals, and village amenities
  • more photos on Flickr