Diablo Freeride Park *  Mountain Creek Resort Vernon, New Jersey USA * May 27th-30th, 2010

Smiths traveled to New Jersey this past weekend for the 2010 U.S. Open of Mountain biking………..and it was a great success.

Cierra Smith races during qualifying at the 2010 US Open of Mountain Biking at Diablo Freeride Park.

Report from Wil Smith:

“Cierra won the Amateur women JR category as well as having the second fastest Amateur women’s senior time @ 3.14. Although they did not give her the medal for senior (bogus) she would have also qualified for Pro women in 11th place.

They would not let Cierra race up at the event because she had not raced here before and is only 14. This was a VERY tough course with some ever changing conditions.

  • Cierra Smith 2010 US Open of mountain biking JR Amateur Champion.
  • 2nd Fastest Senior Amateur women’s time.
  • Would have qualified 11th in Pro Women.

I could not be prouder of her efforts and she did an amazing job. I didn’t shoot any pics at this event so, when I find some, I will send them out.

Next stop Pro GRT at Northstar.


Cierra Smith, winner of the women’s junior category at the 2010 US Open of Mountain Biking.

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