Squaw Valley Bike Park

Straight from Jim “Hacksaw” Severt:

“So it is official …Squaw Valley USA is opening a Mountain Bike Park this summer (on or around July 4th) and I am the Mountain Bike Park Manager. Hope to see you on the Mountain this summer.”


Update 6/3/10:

11 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Bike Park

  1. hacksaw

    Hello everyone , This should be a pretty amazing journey . It should be pretty good with the backing of a World Class establishment like Squaw Valley and some of the people I am going to have there building. I can’t wait for the snow to be gone so I can break ground .

  2. Mike B.

    Exciting news! And they couldn’t have picked a better candidate to manage it. melt snow melt….

  3. Curtis

    Awesome, Even if there are only one or two trails that would be enough. Any part of the mountain is going to be good for Hacksaw to build on.

  4. Mat

    I raced squaw in 99 as a junior at the world cup, it was quite possibly the most intimidating downhill I have ever seen, even compared to todays races. I look forward to to seeing what will become of it.

  5. Scrub

    By the time all the snow melts to build trails the season will be 1/2 over. So maybe 2011? But regardless this is great news to hear, another lift assisted mtn!

  6. eric

    This is awesome! For the riders who have not riden Jim’s trails before, you are in for a real treat. Hacksaw can build a world class berm in the time it takes me to tie my shoes. I am very excited.

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