The next step in advanced suspension technology. Custom made mountain bikes from carbon fiber and titanium in limited edition.

Launch of the new front suspension technology implemented in the world’s most unique bike debuted at Interbike 2008 exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Our patented fork and front suspension system (licensed by BHP) was invented by Martin Wimmer in 2002.

We can achieve constant trail and zero rake change under full suspension up to 9 inches depending on the specific setting of the two working systems of our three part fork. The upper part of the fork works primarily during jumps while the lower part of the fork takes higher impact, i.e. large rocks, crevasses etc… In addition our system allows full adjustability of rake (within 4 degrees) by simply sliding the lower triple clamp up or down on the fork tube after loosening the triple clamps fixing screws.

Thus the experienced biker has a unique range of adjustability that can in no way be achieved from the past telescopic fork used for decades.

As the upper suspension system extends the trail (the rake decreases) going downhill and having to brake gets a new dimension compared to past systems. Front and grip and brake performance as well as stability drastically increase the riders experience.

Our lock out in the upper suspension system as well as our fork drop in the lower system allow to have an increased handling on the front end and at the same time improved grip on the rear.”