Northstar Bike Park * Truckee, California * June 21, 2009


  • All classes:  upper to middle Karpiel.
  • Expert / Pro:  lower Dogbone (slabs), to bottom of Karpiel (vietnam), to stadium jump finish.
  • Sport / Beginner:  lower Phodogg, to stadium jump finish.
  • 169 racers

dhReno racer Jared Smith (10 years old) in his first race! Jared raced the B17 and under group. He would've won the Sport 13 and under by 30 seconds! Photo by

Professional photos by Wil Smith are provided to dhReno racers at no charge! Thanks Wil! Check out photos of all the racers at


Dave Bright took the gold in the Expert 40+ in spite of crashing on his race run and dislocating his thumb! Plus he was at the ER the day before having drilled a hole thru his middle finger while repairing his RV! Go Super Dave! Photo by


Randy Robison took first place in the S50 race! Photo by


Sean Martin boosts the stadium jump. Sean was outta the race with a mechanical. Photo by


dhReno racer Zack Steffy with an excellent 6th place finish in the super competitive Jr Ex class. Photo by


Tom Judy took 1st in the OG Sport race by 1/10th of a second! Photo by


John Kresich coming back from multiple bad crashes and injuries - shown at the Stadium jump. Photo by


Steve Cleek races for 2nd place on Sunday. Photo by



13 year old Santa Cruz Syndicate phenom Cierra Smith smokes the course and takes the gold! She'll be racing Pro in the next N* race. Photo by


14 year old Northstar/Giant racer Greg Rea 2 destroys it and grabs a 4th in his first Jr Ex race! Great race Lil Greg! Photo by


Sean Alison racing for 3rd shows good form on the Stadium Jump


Northstar/Giant racer Casey Coffman looked amazingly fast on his practice runs but suffered a crash on his race run! Photo by


Northstar/Giant racer Jon Wilson turned in an awesome time for 3rd place in the Pro race. Photo by


Helmet Cam Video of the Sport Course:


Full Race Results: Northstar2009DH-1-results.pdf

Check out photos of all the racers at


Northstar061909 002

Northstar Village. Photo by Eric Opperman.

More Race Photos:


Race Winner Mikey Sylvestri’s snow video: