It seems like everyone was riding Tyrolean last weekend!  Groups were riding Saturday and Sunday with riders including: Wil, Bill, Cierra, Jarred, Sean, Eric, Curtis, Bernie, Randy, Mel, Kierstan, Greg, Lil Greg, Jasen, Trey, Lew, Jason, Casey, Don, PH, Eddie, Zack, Alex, Steve and others ….

Tyrolean 009
L2R: Zack, Randy, Jasen & Curtis at Slide Mtn on Saturday.

Tyrolean 006

Tyrolean 002
Tyrolean viewpoint:  Steve, Curtis, Randy, Zack, Jasen & Kierstan

Tyrolean 013
Lil Greg and Big Greg above Washoe Valley.

Curtis on the Incline DH rock garden.

Tyrolean2 002
There was a little snow/mud at the very top – we started riding the dirt road that parallels this one down further to avoid this part.

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