March 13-15, 2009 in Lake Isabella, CA

Dutch Flat - 2

Report from Jordan Lopez:

“Over the weekend I was able to compete in the Men’s PRO DH at the Keyesville Classic and it was an amazing time. The Keyesville race had an amazing “Grass Roots” feel, where everybody was there to have a good time and race in great conditions.This event consisted of two separate Downhill courses which were combined for a overall time.

The two courses were:

  • Dutch Flat – a high speed course with lots of loose sand and 3 steep dissents
  • Snake Pit – a very “pedaly” beginning with a long rock garden and steep g-outs at the end.

I am excited to say that I was able to put together two great runs and finish in 4th place of 22 racers, combining a 5th of 22 in my first run and 3rd of 22 in my second run.

I am very stoked with this result and I feel that it offers me a clear view of the successes my off-season training and my preparedness for this upcoming season.

I now look forward to my first “US Cup” race down in Fontana, at which I will be racing in the Men’s PRO Downhill and Open Super D. I hope to see you all down there.

Thanks again to all of my amazing sponsors, especially my new sponsor SMITH Optics; the new INTAKE Graphic Goggles provided me with perfect vision clarity and fit into my helmet nicely.”

Snake Pit - 4