Ok so it’s that time of year again where you start to think about racing DH. The first thing you think about is how I get a sponsor to help offset the cost to be competitive.  Well I have great news. DHreno will be taking application for 25 riders for the 2009 DH season. 

 curtisjump2What do I need to do to apply?   Well if you are a past member you will need to pay this year’s dues and send us an e-mail that you are planning to race this season.

 If you would like to be a new member, you will need to send us a little information about yourself. We are not overly concerned that you be a #1 rider at all races or if you’re a beginner or an expert. What we would like to know is what you can bring to the team. We look for great attitude as well as team participation on and off the race course as well as active member in your biking community. 

What in it for you?  dhReno has provided the support as well as training for riders to move up to the Pro level as well as helping you get your bikes race ready at all of the team races.  Also a team rider you will receive a team pricing on all parts and frames for the 2009 season. dhReno has a weblog that is kept up to date with all of the rides as well as results. dhReno likes to have lots of photos of the races as well as the rides that we put on.


We often times have have photos by professional photographer WmSmith, that we post to the weblog this will give you a place to show your family and friends how well you are doing.   This year we will be riding the new Troy Lee Monaco jersey, pants and helmet you will have a opportunity to also buy at the team pricing.

 OK , so now what?  Well send us E-mail info@dhreno.com with your  info as listed above and we will be in contact. There is a very short period of time that we will be taking applications, its only 25, and once we fill this years roster we will be done. All past racers will need to also let us know if they plan on staying on the team and receiving team pricing of course past racers will receive priority for the 2009 team.

Cost will $100  per rider for the 2009 season this will include a jersey and team pricing on parts and frames thru Black Rock Bicycles . Don’t wait we will close the application process on March 18th, 2009. We also have a family plan that is $100.00, plus the cost of the jerseys.

Deer Valley