From Jeff Steber: “It’s that time of year and I am getting frames ready for some of the teams & riders we work with. This is the refined version of the M6 evo we were prototyping last season based on racer input from Matti Lehikoinen & the boys from CRC team.


The frame features the G3 adjustable drop out and a new Adjustable headtube with + or – 1 degree. The headtube is very simple & light and uses the same bearing pieces as the internal 1 1/8″ flush headsets in the rotating cups. You can still use a standard with this setup .


The frame has the ability to run both the 10.5X 3.5 shock for 9.5″ travel and a very m6 type feel or the 9.5X 3″ shock for 8.5″ travel and a livelier feel while maintaining the same leverage ratio. The mono tubes have been slimmed down and the frame comes in at 9.2 lbs.”

“This is a team prototype that will be raced this season by our sponsored racers on the WC circuit this season & is not replacing the M6. The VPP shock rate has been tweeked a bit.” Jeff