2009 Mob in Mojave Race Report

Boulder City, Nevada * February 13th – 15th, 2009

We had an great time last weekend at the Mob in Mojave gravity races at Bootleg Canyon. The course was excellent and dhReno riders raced well in Downhill, Super D and Dual Salom!

 MobNMojave 002
The starting gate with Lake Mead in the background.

MobNMojave1 009
dhReno/Black Rock Bicycles camp at Bootleg Canyon.

We had a fantastic group of folks as other Reno and Nor Cal riders joined us at the camp.  The racers included: Cierra Smith (Santa Cruz Jr Syndicate), Bill Smith (team mechanic), Greg Rea 1, Greg Rea 2, Steve Cleek, Tim Rippeth, Clark Wright, Christian Wright, Jordan Lopez, Roger Lopez, Mike Town, Mikey Sylvestri, Graeme Pitts, Leslie Pitts and others.  
MobNMojave 003
View from the top of the course.

MobNMojave 005
Top part of the downhill course.

Santa Cruz Jr. Syndicate racer Cierra Smith rails the race course and takes 2nd even with a crash.

[rockyou id=134517365&w=426&h=320]

Cierra on race run video.

G2 (in the middle) with his new buddies Gee and Dan.

G2 video at the jump park.

G2 was pegging everything in the Bootleg jump park with style!

Greg Rea 2 wins the Dual Salom over much older competitors! Great job Greggie!

MobNMojave 012 
Black Rock Bicycles sponsored the race and donated a Phat Cruiser. The raffle was won by a racer from Truckee.

dhReno on the downhill podium. L2R: Big Greg – 1st, Cierra – 2nd, G2 – 3rd, Steve – 3rd
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Complete Mob in Mojave 2009 results here: http://www.downhillmike.com

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Helmet cam video of Snakeback: featuring most of the downhill race course

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2 thoughts on “2009 Mob in Mojave Race Report

  1. downhillmike Post author

    Copied from Ridemonkey:
    Our timers Gravity Logic have a ton of experience. I asked Tom Pro to explain why the late times. Once again thanks for your patience and we hope you had a great time.
    Downhill Mike

    DH Timing
    I was the timer for the races at Bootleg and I would like to shed light on how the timing was done.
    The equipment we used was acurate to 10/1000 of a second. We were supposed to get a system which would be compatible with a laptop and therefore capable of producing instant results, but the wires that were sent by the supplier were not compatible with our computers. The system was then used as a very precise manual timer and the times had to be recorded and loaded into Excel manualy. Here is how the timing worked:
    -Starter would inform the finish of the number in start
    -Finish would input the # into the start side of the timing computer and comfirm to start that finish was ready for that #
    -The racer would get a count down from the starter and start the clock by breaking the electonic beam at start as he/she left the start.
    -Spotter would call the finish with a # approaching the finish.
    -Finish entered that # into the finish side of the timing computer.
    -The racer would break the electronic beam and stop the clock.
    -The printer on the timing computer would produce a printout of the start time (time of day), finish time (time of day) and the computed elapsed time to 10/1000 of a second.
    -the # and the time would then be recorded manualy in the finish.
    The Pro Men and Women started at 1 minute intervals and the rest of the Cats started at 30 second intervals.
    Challenges arose as we had some very close finishes and the finishing #s had to be loaded into the timing computer manualy, but everyone that crossed the finish got a correct time. Because the #s and times had to be recorded manualy, there is a possibility for human error, but the ticker tape has all of the times on it and can be deciphered as all of times are in the exact sequence of finishes.
    We would have liked to have the proper computer connections for the timer as that would have enabled us to produce printed results within minutes of the finish of the race. This would have taken a lot of pressure off Mike and his crew.
    As always, there is room for improvements on everyone’s part, but the effort that Mike and his crew put into the event cannot be disputed. The DH course was in perfect shape. My son and his friend came all of the way from snowy Whistler and had a great time riding and racing. They are already planning a return trip next year.
    People like Mike deserve support in their endeavors of organizing this race. It is a lengthy and involved process driven by passion for the sport rather than monetary rewards.
    I hope that I have answered some of the concerns, but should you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me personaly.
    I wish everyone a good and safe 2009 riding season.
    Tom Pro


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