Bootleg Canyon’s Brent Thompson suffers heart attack – quad bypass scheduled

brentthompson1Brent Thomson, Godfather and Trail Master of Bootleg Canyon, suffered a heart attack last Saturday while riding the trails that he has famously cut into the mountains surrounding Boulder City, a stone’s throw from Las Vegas, Nevada.

While he is currently resting under doctors care in the hospital, Brent is scheduled for the second Quadruple bi-pass in his life. Sixteen years ago he had the same surgery performed due to an unusually high hereditary cholesterol build-up.

“I try to stay in reasonable shape, and was even riding when I started to feel chest pain and severe shortness of breath,” says Thomson. “My assistant Andrew helped me out and my son Barret got me to the hospital pretty quickly. Now I’m just waiting to go under the knife.”

While everyone who has ridden the trails at Bootleg can attest, Brent’s dedication to creating, maintaining and promoting the trails of Bootleg Canyon has created one of the most lauded riding areas in the Southwest. Unfortunately his position comes without a health insurance policy.

Brent’s hospital expenses are estimated to grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars, so any help that his friends in the bicycle industry can provide will be graciously appreciated. Click on the link below to donate securely with Debit, Credit, PayPal and Bank accounts. It is simple, quick and safe. Brents family and friends send you appreciation in advance.

PayPal – please donate to  

Surgery Scheduled for Tomorrow (Wednesday the 14th)
Feel free to send get well wishes to St. Rose Dominican Hospital – San Martin ER c/o Brent Thomson, 8280 West Warm Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89113, and call Brent at 702.204.7810.

We’ll send a follow-up e-mail to let everyone know how Brent is recovering and how his surgery went. Thanks again for your thoughts and support for one of the legends in the bicycle industry – Brent Thomson.