Truckee, California * July 21st, 2008

Local Northstar/Giant Pro Jon Wilson smoked the Boondocks course for the win on Sunday. Great riding Jon!

Northstar072008 JonPodium

Jon Wilson had the fastest time on the mountain.

Northstar072008 Curtis

Curtis Opperman takes the Big Daddy drop.

Pro dhReno racer Curtis Opperman rode an awesome race and finished 9th against the tough competition!

Northstar072008 007
Greg Rea took the 2nd place spot (with a crash) in one of the biggest classes of the race: 20 riders!

Northstar072008 Dave
dhReno racer Dave Bright (at 46 the oldest Pro racer) finished mid-pack with a dropped chain!

Northstar072008 010
In the village at the awards ceremony..

Northstar072008 Jason
Brandon Tirri raced with a Pro time winning the Expert 19-26 class! Awesome riding Brandon!

Northstar072008 Casey
Northstar/Giant Pro Casey Coffman looks fast coming off of the Boondocks drop on his race run.

Northstar072008 WomensPro
Asa Salas finished 3rd racing conservatively in the Women’s Pro race! Tasa Herndon won. dhReno racer Bernie Opperman scored a gold in Women’s Sport but I didn’t get a photo – sorry Bernie.

Huge thanks to Asa and George and the rest of the N* trail crew from all of us for the excellent work on the Boondocks trail prior to the race. They worked until 9 pm the night before the race to get the awesome race course finished!

Northstar072008 George
George scores a 2nd racing Boondocks.

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Complete race results here:  northstar2008dh-2-results.pdf