June 14th and 15th, 2008. An awesome weekend of riding and racing at Northstar.

NorthstarJune152008 023
The Tahoe Zepher lift. L2R: Luke, Steve, Curtis, Nancy, Bernie and Cristy.

NorthstarJune152008 027
Greg Rea takes the gold at the race on Sunday. See the results here: DHRace1Results.pdf (Greg is incorrectly listed in the results as “Greg Poatt”???)

NorthstarJune152008 025
Luke Opperman in the money shot. On Gypsy.

NorthstarJune152008 006
Cristy and Nancy.

NorthstarJune152008 010
Ech on Boondocks

NorthstarJune152008 013
Dave Bright on Boondocks.

NorthstarJune152008 007
Sean, J-man, Wil and Sean’s son.

NorthstarJune152008 009
Brian on Boondocks.

NorthstarJune152008 020
George nails the Stadium jump on his winning race run.

NorthstarJune152008 022
Joe’s back (for a vacation – he’s attending the Merchant Marine Academy in Great Neck, NY)! Ph and Joe in the village.

More photos and video at Flickr