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Here are the tentative race courses for the ’08 Northstar Downhill Race Series.

#1.) June 15th, 2008 – Sunday
All classes: upper to middle Karpiel.
Expert / Pro: lower Dogbone (slabs) to bottom of Karpiel (Vietnam) to stadium jump finish.
Sport / Beginner: lower Phodogg to stadium jump finish.

#2.) July 20th, 2008 – Sunday
All classes: Boondocks, top to bottom (first time ever).

#3.) August 10th, 2008 – Sunday
Expert / Pro: Dogbone, top to bottom, stadium jump finish..
Sport / Beginner: upper Karpiel, to Speed Control, to Phodogg, to staduim jump finish.

#4.) September 14th, 2008 – Sunday
All classes: Gypsy (first time ever).

#5.) October 5th, 2008 – Sunday
All classes: Second Annual Livewire Classic.