What a weekend…

This past weekend I traveled down to the most recent CCCX DH race in Salinas, California.

CCCX Practice
Jordan Lopez races the Salinas course.

This race was a qualifier for the “2008 NorCal Super-D Series”, so it was 45 min walk up to the top hill and 6:45 min race down. The course had a good amount of pedaling with tight single track and a few high speed off-camber corners that tested the racers riding abilities.

After two practice runs, my lines through the course felt tight and I felt very comfortable and confident that I would have competitive time.


Thirty seconds into my race run, I heard the sound that all racers fear… the pist, pist, pist of air quickly flowing out of my front tire which went completely flat within 15 seconds. Realizing my situation and the distance I still needed to travel, I started walking down the hill between the tape. I knew I was going to finish the race I was not going to let something like a flat tire dissuade me. I finished the race 31 minutes after I started which secured a 5th place finish (of 5). Things like flat tires and having to walk for over a half hour seem to have the strange ability to clear the mind and put things into perspective. I knew that not finishing the race was not an option and this time alone further cemented my perspective and love of “Racing”. There was nothing else I wanted to be doing at that time than be involved in the act of racing, maybe not directly through riding, but being able to cheer on every rider who passed by.

CCCX Practice #2

So this being said I had a great weekend and I now look forward to my next race this upcoming weekend which is the “12 Mile Super D” in Ashland, Oregon