NMBS # 3 * Los Olivos, California * May 17th & 18th, 2008

san yenez 020
Clark Wright (on the left) brings home the gold at NMBS # 3!

Reports from dhReno racers Clark and Jordan on the races last weekend below ….

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Race report from Clark:

You are so happy you stayed home, the heat was just blistering.

I raced DH and DS sport 40-44. I got 7th out of 9 or 10 in DH, I had probably the sketchiest run of my life in DH but managed to stay upright. I actually felt my time of 2:42 was pretty good as I was in 3rd when I came across the line, I did not realize I was the 3rd guy in my group. It was a weird course, basically criss crossing a steep sided creek bed around trees. Once you rode it a few time it became kind of fun. Anyway, the guy that won my DH class with a 2:24 I had to race that night in the DS. He beat me by 2 seconds in qualifying and after getting waxed in DH by him I needed a new plan. Thinking back to my buddy John at Sea Otter my main plan was to at least collect the silver and maybe the gold without getting hurt? I decided to switch from my 5″ frame to my DH bike, I was not really hitting any of the jumps on the 5″ frame and I was a bit fearful of attempting to. I test rode the DH at the pre-race DS practice and was able to forgo some braking and cleared at least one jump.

The 1st run, which was the final, started off good and we were running side by side into the quad Christian cleared. I attempted to double the 1st set slammed into the next lip and was seriously saved by my 888 fork which just kind of rolled over it. I gained some ground in the maneuver and was leading into the last corner when my cranks locked? I was about to hop off when they started rolling again. He got me by less than a second. We headed back up and I knew I had some time to make up. I stayed off the brakes survived the double by again plowing the quad, this time the cranks kept cranking and I pulled away, took the win by enough to make up the deference and the gold.

Both races qualify me for nationals, though I am not to sure I will compete. Keeping Christian at the top of his game is a full time job which I really enjoyed last year in Vermont. I am looking forward to racing at North Star June 15th.

FYI, I hear they are canceling the DH States at North Star and moving it to this San Yenez course, It also states this on Big Bears sight, that is just stupid?

Clark J. Wright

To see more race photos and action click here: christian-wright-double-podiums-at-nmbs-national-at-san-yenez.doc

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Race report from Jordan:

Jordan Lopez smokes the downhill race at Los Olivos.


I am excited to say that I had a great weekend at the most recent NMBS #3 in Los Olivos, CA
– In the Downhill I placed 6th in the Men’s Expert 19-24 racing group and this finish came with a slide out in one of the upper corners. This was a fun race that included several hip jumps, one man made rock garden and a sprint to the finish. I rode my Intense 6.6 which provided me with a strong pedaling platform with enough suspension to clear the rough sections.
– In the Super D I placed 4th in the Men’s 19-29 Open Class. This race was a little different than the others I have participated in, in that it was a time trial start rather than a Le Mans style start. I feel that this style gave the DH races in the group a little advantage in that the race was based on the individuals overall time, not just your start. In the race I passed two other riders, making up over 1 min on them and I finished with a 6:37, being only 20 seconds back from the leader in my group.

Also, more great news:
As of this morning I am racing with a certified NORBA Semi-Pro card. With my multiple top finishes at the CCCX DH races and the good placing I have had at the NMBS races in Fontana and Santa Ynez, I now feel it is necessary to take my riding to the next level of competition. Yet, with this move I still plan to finish up the CCCX DH Series at the Expert level (to get my champion jersey), and to race the Downieville Downhill at the “Expert 34 and under” level, which is pretty much semi-pro anyways.

I now look forward to my upcoming Race in Salinas CA, which will be the CCCX DH #6, at which I will be racing in the Men’s 19-29 expert category.


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Northstar/Giant (and area locals) downhill racers Casey Coffman and Jon Wilson also had strong finishes in the Semi-Pro and Pro classes respectively. Good job guys!

Race results at: http://teambigbear.com/results.php

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Where the hell is Los Olivos?