Now that the mountain has dried out a little the Poedunks are kicking butt on the N-Trail revamp again. We had a great turnout on Saturday especially considering there was snow on the ground when we started.

NTrail031508 005
Poedunks evaluate the trail before starting the work.


NTrail031508 011
Armoring the section before a jump.

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers on Saturday: Eric, Randy, Jed, Harlan, Anthony, Steve, Quinn, Jim and Lee!


NTrail031508 035
Lee and Eric finishing up the rock work.


NTrail031508 037
Harlen tested the jump – it works!


NTrail031508 021
Jim, Jed and Harlen put a lot of work into the new turn below the new jump.


NTrail031508 031
Downtown looked awesome on Saturday from the trail.


NTrail031508 029
This is the next rock garden the trail goes through!

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The next N-Trail session is this Saturday March 22nd, 2008. Meet at the Rancho Ball Fields parking lot at 9:00am or up on the trail if you’re running late.