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Cane creek M6 Double Barrel

Black Rock Bicycles has just received two golden 10.5 x 3.5 Cane Creek Double Barrel shocks for the 2008 Intense M6.


 The new Cane Creek Double barrel is one of the best after market shocks out and you owe it to yourself to get to the nearest shop and ride one. I'm not talking about just a spin in the parking lot but a long ride up and down the mountain. This will give you a taste of what 30 years of racing technology can do for your bike. If you want a new way to add some life to that old trusty bike that you have enjoyed over the years then ride don't run, it wont be fast enough, and get one of these new shocks. I have tried a lot of different shocks and none of them offered the extremely wide range of compression and rebound damping adjustment as this shock. This is just my opinion and yours may be different but you will never be able have an opinion if you don't try one soon.