Downhill, MTB race’s come to Auburn 2008

The American River Adventure Race formats are changed to be MTB races.

From the guy at :

The race dates are as follows, June 7th, July 26th and August 30th. These dates are not in stone just yet. They may stay the same, but the State and I must work some things out.

The dates will be set after Thursday evening. One of the events will be a great big Downhill event at Mammoth Bar OHV area. The other two dates will be two MTB cross country races.The two MTB races will be in area’s that have never had races before. I can not give you more on the placement of the course till I have it all together.

One of which has a 18 mile downhill and a very hard three mile climb out.”The Superman” course. You must best be at the top of your game for this one. This race course has a little Downieville in it, but the climbing is after the downhill and you must be in alittle better shape. Don’t get me wrong, the downhill has some climbing in it also and is not all downhill. One of the MTB races will be 100% non-profit and go to a great cause.

These are all non- NORBA events with very low race fee’s. There will more information in about a week at