Corsair at BRB
Black Rock Bicycles is carrying the awesome, new 2008 Corsair bikes!


CORSAIR CROWN DH:  Developed to compete on the World Cup DH circuit with an adjustable headtube, 240mm rear travel, two position primary rear shock and an optional add-on secondary blow-off shock. The Crown is designed to be fully adjustable and tune-able for any DH race course. 



COSAIR MAELSTROM: Fitted with a massive 10.5 ” coil shock with a 3.5″ stroke (267x90mm) and featuring a 2:1 stroke ratio, the Maelstrom’s 7″ (180mm) of high quality travel is designed for DH race courses, demanding back-country or bike park madness. With its prorietary idler pulley technology and innovative rear swingarm design, the Maelstrom has beeen painstakingly engineered to be a great climber. As with all other Corsair models, this frame features and adjustable headtube angle, and repalceable Maxle rear drop-outs.



CORSAIR MARQUE:  Representing the newest breed of all-mountain/trail bikes the Marque is lightweight but tough!  It is ideally suited for the rider who requires more travel than is offered by the typical XC bike but still demands super efficient pedaling and climbing characteristics. With over 5″ (130mm) of high quality travel, the Marque quite simply out climbs and out descends anything else in its class. As with all other Corsair models, this frame features an adjustable headtube angle and replaceable Maxle rear drop-outs.



COSAIR KONIG: Slopestyle is perhaps the most exciting new cycling discipline seen in years. When creating the Konig our goal was to channel the energy of a great run into the engineering and style of our slopestyle frame. Getting of the ground, landing in one piece (at any angle) and getting the bike where you need it to be in a split second requires that a bike be light, strong and maneuverable – three things that define the Konig!



COSAIR DUCAT :  Dirt jumping and street are the main form of riding for many riders. Whether you live in the city, countryside or mountains, there are always great opportunities to build your skills and bag of tricks. The Ducat has been desinged to be both durable and agile. With a dialed in frame geometry featuring 15.9″ (405mm) chainstays the Ducat is pefect for tricks and jumps of all types. As with all other Corsair models, this frame features an adjustable headtube angle, and replaceable Maxle rear drop outs.


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