A few weeks ago at Downieville we had to fix 5 flats in our little group so we had a great chance to find out which pump worked the best on the trail. Tomo had a Topeak Road Morph G Master Blaster that blew the doors off of the other hand pumps.

This little pump morphs into a floor pump so it fills a tire quite a bit faster than the traditional hand pump. Your arms don’t get as tired either. The Road Morph G is so efficient that you can probably leave the CO2 at home (unless you’re running tubeless). We liked the Road Morph G over the Mountain Morph G as it is lighter, longer (more air volume) and has the inline pressure gauge (which works well). The RMG fits fine inside my Camelbak Mule.

Product Features

  • Presta/Schrader
  • Capacity 160 psi
  • 13.8 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches
  • 220 g

Topeak Product Description

Same great features the our award winning Mountain Morph but with a cool in-line gauge.

Similar to it sibling – the Mountain Morph – the Road Morph is a light-weight road frame pump that morphs to a mini-floor pump. Its floor pump-like action makes filling up those high-pressure road tires a breeze. Folding foot support and flexible hose easily convert frame pump into a road-side floor pump. Aluminum barrel for long pump life. Inflates to 160 psi with ease. Padded T-handle provides a comfortable hand position while inflating. Quickly converts between Presta & Schrader valves. Equipped with clamp mount for multi-position frame mounting.