Here are a couple of different ways to fly down Slide Mtn!

MtRose102707 025

On Saturday we had huge fun riding Tyrolian, Browns Creek and Whites Creek. All these trails are in great shape right now.

MtRose102707 016
Wall rides are where you make them.

MtRose102707 018
Joe is back in town for a week!

MtRose102707 009

Getting ready for Tyrolian. This trail is the best right now! We had ten riders on Saturday including: Joel, PH, Davey, Bernie, Joe, Curtis, Matt, Randy, Eric and Steve

MtRose102707 014
Eric and Curtis – this photo is for Maureen.

MtRose102707 007
Mount Rose.

MtRose102707 002
Eric adjusts Joel’s suspension.