2008 Race Season

From John Kresich: “With the 2007 season behind us, I’m guessing many of you are starting to get excited about the 2008 season soon to be announced.   Ryan has pointed me to some websites that have credible information regarding the preliminary schedule and I thought I would pass it on to my buds so we can start salivating early on.    

Good news.  .  . Sea Otter and Praoup France (UCI Master Worlds) are set in stone, April 17-20 and Aug 26-31 

Norba nationals are pretty firm with 8 events in 2008 vs. 6 events last year.

Bad news.  .  . Infinion is no longer.   The fine folks have said enough is enough.   I’ve been bumming all week over this one.

Jason Blanchard
Jason Blanchard scores the fastest dhReno time at the National Championships at Infineon.

Take a look at the attached and I’ll send updates occasionally.   I’ve booked Praloup France in August 2008 scoring some free tickets from United.   Hope that some of you will consider the Worlds – it would be a lot of fun and a great memory.   Pricing on some of the discount airlines like Ryan express is cheap if booked early on.   More to follow if anyone is interested.”

Click to view the 2008 Race Summary

3 thoughts on “2008 Race Season

  1. john kresich

    Hey Nancy, I’m wondering the same – Northstar and Mammoth would make much better venues than Southridge and Firestone (although I really like the Southridge races).

    George mentioned to me that Northstar is thinking big, so hopefully they can secure the 2009 and 2010 national championships after Vermont’s two year term is up. It’s due back at the west coast and surely Northstar has to be the leading candidate.


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