Near Hurricane, Utah * September 26th – 29th, 2007 

The 2nd Annual, post Interbike, Gooseberry Mesa, trail bike extravaganza and camp-out was an unbelievable time.  We rode just about every trail section on GM and one trail twice!

Goose07 024
Goose is one fantastic place!


On the trail:

Goose07 037
Randy rocks the South Rim Trail.

Goose07 022
Nancy loves riding in Utah.

Goose07 039
Steve on the “Bowls and Ledges” trail – this is a totally fun place to ride!

Goose07 042
It’s a small world – we ran into our buddy Ray Cunningham from Reno on “Bowls and Ledges”

Goose07 008
Just to the right of Randy is a sheer cliff that drops hundreds of feet…. the valley floor is 1,100 ft. below.

Goose07 025
View from the North Rim trail.

Goose07 012
The Point

Video: don’t look if you’re acrophobic



We had just about the greatest campsite on the Mesa.
Goose07 043

Goose07 051

Goose07 053


What the hell is a Gooseberry?

 This is the Gooseberry bush that dominates the mesa.

Goose07 020
A Gooseberry – about the size of a grape.

Goose07 021
Gooseberry bush


Area 51 & UFOs

We took the Extraterrestrial Highway (Nv 375) back thru central Nevada. What a cool road – probably the most remote area in the continental USA!

Goose07 063
Actually Aliens 98

Goose07 064

Goose07 069
You see like one car an hour out here!

Goose07 071
While we were out in the boonies we found Warm Springs – a place that Randy visited on an Outward Bound trip as a teenager. The place has a big pool where visitors could soak in the hot water.  He’d forgotten where Warm Springs was located (it’s at the junction of 375 & 6), and had wondered about the place over the years – it was fun to find it again. Unfortunately the operation is now defunct and they’re piping the hot water off for some other use.