Sands Convention Center * Las Vegas, Nevada * September 26th – 28th, 2007

Interbike07b 052
Sean makes a new friend at Knolly Bikes. The alien is made up of mostly bike parts.

Interbike07b 063
M6 FRO with a Manitou Dorado fork.
Interbike07b 062

Interbike07b 072
New 661 helmet.


Video: Interbike birds eye view


Interbike07b 048
Ventana bikes are the shizzle
Interbike07b 049

Interbike07b 019
Crank Bros cranks look clean.

Interbike07b 077
We did ride the Spot 29er SS with a belt drive at Dirt Demo. The belt system felt awesome – it was totally solid when you stood up hard on the cranks and didn’t have anymore friction than a chain system. I’d definately use the belt drive if I was building up a SS.

Interbike07b 046
Our new Phat Cycles rep.

Interbike07b 014
These Cane Creek headsets are the new King!

Interbike07b 083
Cargo bike from . Check out how cargo bikes are being used in Africa at the Ritchey Project Rwanda  site

Interbike07b 079
Schwinn electric bike.

Interbike07b 075
Welcome to the 80’s. This Rawland is pretty cool…

Interbike07b 005
7 delivery vehicle

Interbike07b 085
Are we in Venice or Vegas?

Interbike07b 086
Definitely Vegas!


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