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Bootleg Canyon * Boulder City, Nevada * September 24th & 25th, 2007

Dirt Demo was awesome this year. Monday was way less crowded and we got to ride loads of the bikes that we planned on testing.  Tuesday is more crowded and it’s a little harder to get the most popular bikes.

Shuttle trucks transport lucky riders to the top of Bootleg Canyon. There are plenty of XC trails at BC also to test those other types of mtn bikes.

Interbike07 013
Riders pedal between the venue and the trails…

Interbike07 035
Line’n up for the shuttle vehicle.

Interbike07 037
Unloading at the top.

Interbike07 052
One of the many trails


Some of the memorable bikes:

Interbike07 031

Intense 6.6 with a custom tuned Cane Creek Double Barrel shock. The DB is absolutely the best shock any of us have ever ridden. You can talk about the engineering features of a shock all day long but the proof for this shock is to ride one on the gnarly trails of Bootleg Canyon – you’ll be sold!

Interbike07 041
The new Transition Siren – women’s specific freeride bike. Bernie tested this bike and loved it.

Interbike07 044
Intense 6.6 Slope Style. This is a great bike – it corners like a champ. The 6.6 SS would make a really good, lightweight dh racer too. Not a trail bike.

Interbike07 030
Wow the new Transition Covert is the sleeper bike of the show. This is a great 27lb trail bike with 5.5″ of travel and a 68.5 degree head angle. The Covert is designed by gravity guys yet it climbs like an XC bike and descends with the best of ’em. We’re totally impressed!

Interbike07 022
Commencal is back and badder than ever! This long travel XC bike climbed like a goat and was quick on the drops.

Interbike07 017

The Transition Blindside replaces the Gran Mal as their heavy hitter. This bike is much improved over the old model and it sucks up the small bumps much better.

Interbike07 028
Intense M6 – too bad we couldn’t ride this one. The new White Brothers Groove 200 looks bad ass!


The Venue: every type of rider and bike

Interbike07 008

Interbike07 057

Interbike07 025

Interbike07 023