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Northstar Bike Park * Truckee, California * September 9th, 2007

Northstar090907 014
Dave Bright (45 yrs old) scores a 7th in the Pro/Open class at the N* # 4 dh race!

Another mega fun dh race at Northstar! This time it was mainly down the “Sticks and Stones” trail which made for the longest Pro/Expert course of the series.

PH prepares in the starting gate. PH is always a consistant racer and finishes well in his class.

Don and Casey mob’d the “Sticks and Stones” race line (this is one of Don’s favorite trails). Don railed the course for 2nd place in Expert and Casey smoked it for a 2nd in Pro/Open!

Matt Robison flew down this course and only missed winning his class by a fraction of a second!

Matt, PH, Sean before the race. Sean grabbed the bronze medal in his group!

Northstar090907 021


Jason and Nancy
Jason and Nancy at the 2005 Mammoth National Championships.

Jason Caufield turned out to race expert at the N* # 4 (sorry Jason your N* race photos didn’t come out)! We haven’t seen Jason race downhill since he won the Sport National Championship in ’05 – welcome back!


George, John, Cristy and Asa (drinking “Go Girl”). Cristy came out and smoked the Sticks race course – she’s been doing a lot of riding at N* and Whistler!

Northstar090907 031
The “Go Girl” pink juice musta worked cause Asa wins the Pro/Open class!

Northstar090907 040
Huge congratulations to Asa (2nd from left) for winning the women’s Pro/Open and Graeme (kneeling in front) for winning the men’s Pro/Open class. Other podium racers L2R: George,  Steve, Cristy, Charlie, Dave and Matt.

*Note: Dave you shoulda stuck around for the raffle – you’d of won the 2008 N* Season Pass plus a box of Cliff Bars!




  1. Great job to all.
    See you on the Mt.
    Give me a call, when you head down the MT to Auburn, and we’ll go shuttling.

  2. That was taken by Steve on the last run at Saturday practice. Dave flys off of that drop!

  3. That pic of Dave B. off the rock drop is sick! Who took it?

  4. No, i think thats Casey your looking at but yes, PH was wearing knee guards. I think he going to be needing them for the Livewire race with all the unpact berms. i know i am!

  5. is that shin guards i see Ph wearing? something must be wrong, he never wears those

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