“PH” on Geiger last March. Photo by Joe.

Current Geiger conditions:

As you might expect, Geiger is pretty loose right now.  Someone has been doing some work near the top, however.  There is now a small ladder at the foot of the first rock drop that allows a 5 inch bike to roll it.  The upper gap jump is in great shape; the takeoff has been built up and reinforced and now requires very little speed to make the tranny.  The soil under the rock/ladder drop at midpoint is like riding on ball-bearings, making the left at the bottom of the runout difficult.  The big bermed S-turns are firm w/ a nice layer of gravel–stay off the brakes.  The plank is down, but the rock pile is intact. Maybe this winter we can replace it with something a little sturdier?  The various kickers that D built last spring are pretty beaten up and some are just barely visible.  The dirt in the lower section between the road crossings is prime after last weeks rain, too bad it’s so short. 

Sorry I didn’t take any pics, but you all know I hate stopping on a ride.


Sean and Doyle

Doyle and Sean