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Looks like the Sky Tavern downhill race did go off this year with 7 racers, each in a different category, so everyone was a winner!

Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson from the 2006 ST DH race. Photo by Tomo Ichikawa.

 This year the Sky Tavern DH race was on the same weekend as the Northstar Downhill Series # 3 which happened the next day.


  • Men – Pro 1 Jon Wilson 2:18:08
  • Men – Expert – Master – 19-29  1 Cody Smith 2:37:04
  • Men – Expert – Master – 30-39 1 Dustin Sweet 3:25:03
  • Men – Sport – Junior – 1-18 1 Jeremy Warren 4:18:01
  • Men – Beginner – Master – 30-39 1 Kenyon Kluge 4:21:01
  • Women – Expert – Senior – 19-29 1 Heidi Kanayan 4:40:01
  • Women – Sport – Junior – 1-18 1 Nate Durst 4:22:05



  1. BS all I can say is BS

  2. That is not the right time it was the 3rd fast time of the day and it was well under 4min

  3. Yeah, looks like Nate found a class that he can really excel in.

  4. What’s up with the Women’s Sport Junior winner?

  5. congrats to jon wilson, that is almost as big of a margin as the 98 world cup with him and nico v. Inside joke.

  6. Jordan Lopez showed up but they told him the race was cancelled – so he left. A lot of local downhillers are racing the Northstar DH Series so we were practicing on Sat. for N* #3 on Sun.

  7. did we have any one race in this?

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