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Northstar Bike Park * Truckee, California * August 19th, 2007

Ech smokes upper Karpiel at N*! Photo by Kris Haderer at

We had an awesome time at the dh race on Sunday.  Northstar is getting it down and the race went off without a hitch.

Northstar081907 002
Line at the Gondola to get up the mountain. PH & Dave

Northstar081907 004
The Smiths were out in force and ripp’n Livewire today.


Most of the action photos shown here are by Kris Haderer at . Kris is the race winner Mike Haderer’s mom! Be sure visit her site to check out many more race photos and order prints.

The race start at the top of Karpiel.  The Northstar course designers doing a great job of switching up the trails each time to keep thing challenging.  The Sports definately had to step it up a notch and race the gnarly rock gardens on middle Dogbone this time!

Northstar081907 024
PH Giffels. Photo by Nancy Birch.

Sean Martin.  Photo by Kris Haderer at

Jordan Lopez. Photo by Kris Haderer at

Dave Bright. Photo by Kris Haderer at

Randy Robison. Photo by Kris Haderer at

Clark Wright. Photo by Kris Haderer at

Steve Cleek.  Photo by Kris Haderer at

Nate Sowle. Photo by Kris Haderer at

George Volinsky. Photo by Kris Haderer at

“George” Dunkham.  Photo by Kris Haderer at


Northstar081907 042

See you all at Northstar DH # 4 on September 9th!




    • Theresa Pugliese
    • Posted December 28, 2007 at 6:53 am
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    I saw a picture of an old friend of mine on your site, George Volinsky. I would love to get a message to him. If he could email me, my name is Theresa, I went to school with him and my email is
    Thanks, Theresa

  1. Great job to all who raced, next time i wont pull a stupid and hurt myself befor the race, oh and PH, come on man one more place up is podium, you got it!

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