Sky Tavern Ski Area * Mount Rose, Nevada * August 18th-19th, 2007

Don Morehouse at 06 Sky Tavern DH

See the DH Race Flyer at:

 email from Scott Leland on Tue. August 14th

“Hey all. The DH course is marked for the most part. I did not mark the road crossing b/c there are construction trucks using that access road. Use caution when using that access road and remember to yield to the construction vehicles. The DH starts at the ski lift and finishes in the field in front of the lodge.

Pete Rissler will be up at Sky Tavern tonight  at 5:00 with a come-along to move a tree. He needs help!! Someone please show up and give him a hand. I am working until 7:30 so I can’t get up there.

Will someone forward this message on to DH Reno. I don’t have an email for them