Auburn010409 LionLast night (Thur. 8/2/07) around 8pm Eric, Randy and I were riding up Keystone Canyon.  We’d pedaled up the dirt road and right where it crosses the culvert pipe an excited mtn biker flagged us down and told us he’d just seen a mountain lion! Apparently he was riding down the single track just above Keystone Canyon when he spooked up the big cat. It ran down into the canyon and the last he saw it was running towards the radio towers on the singletrack. We questioned the rider (who seemed very credible) as to what the beast looked like and from his description (large tan cat, long tail, big feet, very fast, etc.) there’s no doubt that it was a mountain lion! Cool!

See what mountain lion tracks look like here: liontracks2.gif

Update: 8/17/07 Lion sighting at Tahoe