Northstar Bike Park * Truckee, California * Sunday July 29th, 2007

Northstar dh # 2  – Don Morehouse in the starting gate.

Racers lining up. That’s Bill Lorrain in the white with dangerous “Downhill Dan” (class winner) behind him. Bill knocked his rear derailleur off in his race run.

Nich “Ech” Echevarria’s turn to start – Dave in the background.

Northstar072907 001
Dave Bright is smoke’n fast at North* this year – the fastest dhReno racer at N* # 2! At 45 years old he is racing the Pro class and he tied for 5th place with Casey Coffman!  Dave is serious about racing and he trains really hard at nailing down the race courses. 

Northstar072907 003
Don Morehouse’s race times are improving so much at Northstar it’s scary. Don also puts a huge amount of work into making it happen.  At this rate by N* # 5 he will be faster than Sam Hill!

Northstar072907 005
Matt Robison layed the whoop on his class and took the gold!  Matt’s natural talent shines at N* and there’s not a jump or stunt he can’t pin!

“PH” Griffels also raced in Matt’s category and scored a 4th place with a time really close to the leaders in a highly competitive group. Great job PH!

Northstar072907 006
Ech always races at 100% and he was pushing the race at N* right on the ragged edge when he crashed!   There’s always Northstar DH #3!

Northstar072907 004
Greggie Rea is pin’n Northstar on his Karpiel Army this year and easily took first in his age group. One of the boys in the group said that Greggie is so much faster than the other kids that he should “race Northstar on a BMX bike with no chain” to make it even.

Northstar072907 008
Steve Cleek had a smooth race run until his chain came off in a rock garden. Needless to say there are new E.13 parts on order.

Northstar072907 002
Adam Connolly is so fast that Nancy could only get a shot of his dust as he blew by! He had the 2nd fastest dhReno time.

Matt, Greg and Randy

Randy Robison railed the race course for 2nd place against a guy who beat the field by a minute! The gnarly Northstar course is Randy’s kind of racing – especially on his new Intense M3!

Our newest dhReno racer, Jordan Lopez (sorry I don’t have a photo), was bombing down the Pro/Expert course when his Saint crank fell off!  He has new cranks on order! See you at # 3 Jordan!