This season’s crashes have been hard on some dhReno riders…..

The ’07 Deer Valley National ….George’s spectactular crash caught on film!


Eric Opperman

Eric crashed hard practicing for the Peavine Challenge on June 2nd, 2007.  He took a bad tumble after biffing a jump at the first big waterbar.  He ended up at the Renown ER and then to surgery to repair his collar bone that was broken in 3 places. Eric is just now back on the bike – and railing it! 

Eric’s healing up nicely. (Note: the gloves are ’cause he’s rebuilding my Fox 40 at the Black Rock Bikes shop) 


xray of collarbone
10 screws and a plate hold Eric’s clavicle together. (I hope all that hardware is titanium or you’re gonna weigh an extra 5 lbs!)


Greg Rea 

Greg was riding Livewire at Northstar right after the trail opened on July 6th (and before they fixed the jumps).  He over cooked the third jump, right before the step up, and landed hard in the “glory hole”. The resultant crash left him with a broken collar bone, 3rd degree separated shoulder, collapsed lung and cracked ribs. The docs at Tahoe Forest ER patched him up and luckily he didn’t need surgery.  Greg is so tough that he’s already back on the bike and was pin’n Northstar last week!

(Note: the trail crew at Northstar fixed this part of Livewire that a lot of riders were crashing on. There are now only two jumps with much better transitions.)


Sean Martin

Sean was trail riding up at Tahoe near the Rim Trail when he and Eddie decided to try a new log ride.  Eddie landed it rubber side down …. Sean landed it face first! Besides the obvious injuries he has a severly sprained hand and wrist that is still keeping him off the bike.  Heal up fast Sean!



Randy Robison

Randy had surgery in February to fix a nerve in his elbow that he hurt in a crash at the 2005 MTB National Championships in Mammoth. He’s completely healed up now and riding faster than ever!

BRBs 001


Deer Valley Wreck-O-Rama

The Deer Valley courses are super technical and everyone was crashing.  Casey “Crash” Coffman, George Simoncini, Adam Connolly, Don Morehouse, Randy Robison and Nancy Birch all got banged up in crashes at the Deer Valley National in June. Casey, George and Nancy were out of the race and Adam, Don and Randy had their race run times affected by the crashes or injuries!  Luckily no one required the ER and everyone’s still bomb’n it!

DeerValley2007 107
Casey after an OTB

DeerValley2007 109
Casey was even wearing knee pads – they slid off!  He has some new, reliable TLD Lopes knee pads now.


Arek Trzcinski

Arek went on a two week holiday in the mountains of Poland and planned on getting plenty of trail bike riding in.  Unfortunately an OTB crash in the first week sent him to the hospital with a broken collar bone.  Fortunately he didn’t need surgery. This just happened a week ago so Arek is still recovering. Get well soon Arek!

JRA in the beautiful Polish mountains……

Polish Slickrock!

OTB ….. Arek in the ambulance

Arek’s no stranger to Truckee’s Tahoe Forest ER and Reno’s Washoe Med OR – in summer of ’03 a sharp piece of granite and a freak fall at Northstar cut a tendon above his knee (just above his knee pad – he was wearin the same kind as Casey – really). They fixed it in surgery, but he was done riding for the summer … the knee’s ok now.