The Tour de Tye was a ton of fun with 18 riders and supporters turning out for a kick ass time on the mountain.

Tyrolean072207 025
Casey is the money man with his fast Morewood NDiza ST bike!

Tyrolean072207 003
Logan, Adam, Dave & Steve

Tyrolean072207 020
The fast guy – Casey!

Tyrolean072207 013
 Curtis push’d the dh bike hard!

Tyrolean072207 019
OG Dave on a little bike for a change.

Tyrolean072207 012
Don rock’n the Nomad

Tyrolean072207 017
Eddie  – dopers win.

Tyrolean072207 016
Mark railing the trail.

Tyrolean072207 015
Caleb just keeps getting faster.

Tyrolean072207 014
Jeff K. flys down the mtn.

Tyrolean072207 022

Tyrolean072207 030