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Karpiel bikes have achieved a legendary status amoung downhill riders. Just go to Northstar any weekend and you’ll see many riders on Karpiel dh bikes bomb’n the mountain. Jan Karpiel moved back to Poland several years ago so parts have been hard to come by, but one man is keeping the flame alive in the USA and the Karpiel bikes are riding better than ever.

Photo of Mike Bartlett of San Jose machining parts in the heyday of Karpiel production. Mike is a machinest who did a lot of work for Jan Karpiel back when Jan was working out of Reno, Nevada.  Mike currently produces replacement parts for Karpiel dh bikes.

Karpiels line up at Whisler in 2006.

Replacement linkage parts and bearings.

Making sideplates back in the day.

Army frames ready to go.

Mike at Bootleg Canyon, Nevada


For Karpiel parts contact Mike at  mikebartlett43@comcast.net