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Didn’t think you could get a new Karpiel Armagedon?  Well dhReno rider Cristy Gott is rocking a brand new one in Reno!

Cristy loves her new Army!

Cristy’s boyfriend, dhReno rider Mike Bartlett, built the new Karpiel Armagedon for Cristy. Mike is a machinest who did a lot of work for Jan Karpiel back when Jan was working out of Reno, Nevada. Mike had the brand new size small front triangle from those days and he manufactured the new linkage and rear triangle himself!



Cristy bombing Northstar on the new Army! Photos and video clips by Eric Opperman.


  From Karpiel.com : “The original Armageddon was built to take on anything. It has been called “the biggest and baddest of them all” by Bicycling Magazine and has earned 5 out 5 stars in years worth of published rider reviews. Armageddon riders have stormed the championship race circuit and soared to glory in amazing feats that must be seen to be believed. These frames have been featured in movies such as Down, Double Down, Real Sick, New World Disorder 2 and others, as well as in video games such as Downhill Domination. The original configuration offers 9″ to 11″ of plush, progressive and controlled travel and the highest and most sophisticated level of adjustability on the market today. “


Cristy also owns the purple Karpiel Disco shown here at Whistler.