Cougar Mountain Classic 2007 Race Report

Infineon Raceway * Sonoma, California * July 6th-8th, 2007

Wil Smith racing the downhill at Infineon.

 Cierra Smith
Cierra Smith bomb’n the dh.

Race report from Wil: ” We had a great time this year at the CMC, unbelievably it was not that fact it was almost cold on race day.

The course was really pretty much the same as the past few years with only a few really nice twists – most notably a long dirt jump type section before an all out sprint to the finish in the main parking lot. The dirt jump section was filled with a small whoop section right where the finish used to be, then into a nice sized hip jump, then 2 pretty big doubles and finally 2 small table tops into a berm at the end…………really fun and challenging to ride……..if you were a good dirt jumper, then you killed this section.

Cierra also did pretty good at the tricycle race…………cause she is a freak!.

There were some small hip jumps and doubles added all throughout the top of course and it made it really much more fun.

Overall a really great weekend. Thanks to my Dad, Bill Smith, for keeping us running smooth all weekend.

1st Place Junior Women 12 and under

2nd Place Sport men 35-39

John Kresich:
3rd Place Sport men 40+


John Kresich
John Kresich on his race run. Photo by Rick Rasmussen


tricycle race
Tricycle race.

Wil Smith

Cierra Smith



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