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June 29th – July 1st, 2007 

Northstar opening weekend was awesome!  dhReno riders were pounding N* Fri, Sat and Sunday. Rocks, dust, drops and jumps … it was great!

Curtis and Luke checkout a new N* trail. Photo by Eric.

Bike Race 20070603 008
Dave on a new stunt. Photo by Joe.

Bike Race 20070603 001
Matt jumps a new double. Photo by Joe.

Northstar063007 037
Curtis and Nancy leave the gondola at mid mountain. Photo by Eric.

Northstar063007 019
Infamous slabs. Photo by Eric.

Northstar063007 026
Luke rock’n an Intense Uzzi. Photo by Eric.

Northstar063007 009
top of the lift. Photo by Eric.

Northstar070107 004
dhReno at the start of the dh race on Sunday. Photo by Eric.
The first N* dh race had a few glitches but the staff pulled it off and everyone had a great time.

Northstar070107 005
Davey and Randy before the race. Photo by Eric.

Northstar070107 026
dhReno post race. Photo by Nancy.




  1. See the link above for race results – they are live now (if you can figure them out!).

  2. any one got a link to the results? I just know my 6:19 had to win something!!! Anyone riding this weekend?

  3. OH yeah, Luke didn’t race but he was kicking A@$ in practice.

  4. I had a great time hiking and filming.

    Congrats to Matt, Davey, Randy, Steve, Adam and Dave B for racing and placing well.

  5. look at the a frame picture were dave is riding off the end, it looks small but i stood underneath it.

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