Last year we couldn’t ride Hole-in-the-Ground (one of our favorite rides) until August because of all the snow – this year’s so dry we’re already riding it in June!  There are maybe 10-12 trees down across the trail and a few snow drifts but other than that the trail is in amazing shape and super fun to ride.

Castle Peak from the trail.

HitG062207 011
One of the bigger snow drifts….

HitG062207 008
Wildflowers are out in force. The mosquitos are also out in force so take precautions!

HitG062207 006
Get out the XL chainsaw for this tree across the trail!  Most of the downed trees are a lot smaller – you can hop over them.  There is one other down’d tree that’s as big as this one.

HitG062207 010
Looking south on the trail….

HitG062207 004



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