Park City, Utah * June 14th – 17th, 2007

The Deer Valley National mountain bike races were totally awesome!  Park City is one of the most beautiful places on earth this time of year – everything is lush and green, wild flowers are blooming and temps in the low 80s are perfect for riding.

Don sprints across the finish at the Super D race. Eric Carter said about the Deer Valley National: “if all Super D races were as fun as this one everybody would be racing them!”


We drove to Park City for the event.

Randy’s Element and Bill’s Chevy at the Winnemucca pit stop. Huge thanks to Randy and Bill for driving!


We stayed at the great Powderwood Condos again – on the 3rd floor. There’s a giant covered porch for bike maintenance and relaxation! This time we had 9 riders staying in the condo!

Intense Cycles lineup: M3, Socom, M3


Team Mechanics

DeerValley2007b 007
Bill Smith put in long hours wrenching for the Santa Cruz Syndicate. He also made sure that all the dhReno bikes were in great shape for racing. Adam Connolly prepped the dh bikes before race day and did repairs and suspension setup. Thanks Bill and Adam!


DeerValley2007 115
L2R: Steve, Nancy & Randy before the dh race

DeerValley2007 102
After the Super D race…

DeerValley2007b 024
Don Morehouse is an animal! He raced Super D on Friday, DH Expert on Saturday and here he is racing XC Expert on Sunday!

DeerValley2007c 002
Allen Hill also did a great job racing XC expert – he’s with Don after the race.

The most entertaining little guy at the race hands off water as Allen races thru the feed zone in the Expert XC race….

DeerValley2007 164
John Kresich rails the roots on his dh race run. Photo by Nancy.

DeerValley2007 120
Nancy Birch on her last practice run.

Randy pin’n it thru the rock garden.

DeerValley2007 118
Adam by the starting gate before the JrX race.

DeerValley2007 170
Steve on the race run. Photo by Nancy.


Must See Race Video:

Check out the Deer Valley Insanity Video at .  You’ve all seen trees that have fallen across the trail. Well in this video a tree falls in the forest and almost hits one of the racers – amazing that it’s all captured on video!


DeerValley2007 105
Everyone had a great time at the event! L2R: Casey, George, Adam and Randy.


Old farts podium

DeerValley2007 172
Like the announcer said: “these guys are not having a mid-life crisis, they just never got out of puberty.”


Downhill’n ain’t for sissies

The downhill courses were rough and technical so most racers crashed at least once ……

DeerValley2007 107 DeerValley2007 108 DeerValley2007 109
Casey got pretty banged up in a crash on the pro/expert course. He was major scraped up and his elbow was really swollen – it cost him a chance at winning the semi-pro race.

DeerValley2007b 002

Adam dislocated his thumb and sprained his ankle in a otb crash on at the “Barney Rubble” section of pro/expert course. He still pulled off a great time in the highly contested JrX dh race.


DeerValley2007d 002
Nancy tried a different line on her last practice run Friday night and launched clean off the course. She got this big bruise on her hip, right through her padded TLD under shorts, along with a tweeked shoulder when she crashed.

DeerValley2007b 004
Randy tried to move a rock with his leg on his race run and it stopped him cold!




Pro DH Course Video: this is the same place that Casey crashed ….ouch!